What is Holashtak? What should be avoided on this day

The 8 day period before the Holi festival is unauspicious and is known as the Holashtak. These days are said to be very ominous which is falling this year on 10th March 2022 and will last till 17th March 2022. In the north Indian states, Holashtak is very predominant. It falls on Phalguna month's Ashtami tithi, Shukla Paksha, and goes on till Purnima, or at least till Holika Dahan. During these 8 days, ft is believed that people do not perform any rituals and Shubh Karya during these days. As the Holashtak is now started, we are here with some Dos and Dont's for these inauspicious days.

What is Holashtak? What should be  avoided on this day

History of Holashtak

As per the Hindu Mythology, Goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva who was busy in his meditation. Devi Parvati asked Lord Kama to divert Lord Shiva from his meditation and to fulfill the wish of Devi Parvati, Lord Kama aimed the flower arrow at Lord Shiva which resulted in the burning down in ashes of Kama Deva from the opening of the third eye of Lord shiva in anger. Kama Devta's wife Rati performed absolution for eight days continuously to bring back Kama Deva to life. Hence, these 8 days of penance are marked to be very inauspicious and are termed as the Holashtak.

Apart from this, It is also believed that, as per the Hindu Mythology From the Ashtami of the Shukla Paksha of the Phalgun month till Purnima, King Hiranakashyapa tortured his son Prahlada various ways. Because of Prahlad's entire devotion to Lord Vishnu, he even attempted to murder his own son. Hiranyakashyap entrusted his sister Holika with the task of killing Prahlad on the eighth day, Phalgun Purnima. However, Prahlad was unscathed thanks to Lord Vishnu's protection, whereas Holika, who had been granted with the blessing that fire would not harm her, died in a fire meant for Prahlad. As a result, the eight days leading up toHolikDahan are known as Holashtak and are considered unlucky.

Do's on Holashtak

During these days, it is advisable to donate food, clothes, money to needy people. Meditation is good during these days it will help you in attaining your goals and wishes Cleaning the house with Gangajal is also advised during these days as it will remove negative energies from the House. If you are looking for a perfect partner ,then chant Katyayani Mantra. Decorate branches of trees by using colorful pieces of cloth and bury them underground as it is believed that threads absorb negative energies and protect us. If someone passes away, Shanti Kriya should be performed before the last rites.

Dont's on Holashtak

During the period of Holashtak, no auspicious ceremonies(Shubh Karya)she performed such as Naming ceremonies, engagement, etc.

Marriage should not be performed during this time as these are considered to be unfavorable. Moving to the new house, office during these days is also not good as it will bring problems hence which should be postponed. It is advisable to avoid starting new work, business during the Holashtak period.

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