14 Essential Steps For Self-Love | आत्म-प्रेम के लिए 14 आवश्यक कदम

 It is high time to start thinking seriously About indulging in self-care. Prioritizing oneself is the basic ingredient of happiness. Start today. Here are a few essential steps that are mandatory to ace the art of self-love. 

14 Essential Steps For Self-Love |  आत्म-प्रेम के लिए 14 आवश्यक कदम

Morning coffee and meditation 

Start your day by waking up early to watch the peaceful ambience just after the sunrise. Give your reckless schedule a break. Do away with unnecessary late at night and start focusing on good things in life. Grab your morning energy drink, say coffee, tea or healthy green juice and meditate for an hour to start your day with a positive note. 

Favourite dessert 

Don't compromise with your favourite dessert. Eating healthy doesn't have to affect your preferences. Treat yourself to your favourite sweets, doughnuts or cakes after each meal. Order from your favourite online bakeries in bangalore to save time. 

Daylong uninterrupted skincare 

Talking about self-care automatically induces the topic of skincare. Devote substantial time taking care of your skin. From sheet masks to face wash tubes your skin has a reason to radiate. 

Healthy breakfast 

It is not just about how we look on the outside, what's inside matters the most. Switching to a wholesome healthy diet is the most important thing while pledging to follow a path of self-care. Make sure you eat well to think good.

Good music 

Some good old music from your favourite playlists is the catalyst motivating you to take challenges and live your dream life. Airpods, JBL or television music channels make sure you have a music source hear you all the time that ill keep your mood elevated.

Early lunch 

Eat early. Make sure you are giving your body the required time gap to process the food. Eating breakfast at 8 am and sitting for lunch at 3 pm kills the benefits of a healthy diet. Follow a time chart to maintain a balance and make sure you are done being extremely picky about your food habits. Experiment with the taste buds. 


Bird gazing 

Go out to appreciate nature.  Rent binoculars and visit your favourite park or nearly bio natural reserve to do some bird gazing. You are never too old to pick out a new hobby. 

Sketching/playing instruments 

Range yourself to relaxing activities. If you are planning to give a self-care day on weekend then spend the day stretching, doodling or playing your favourite musical instrument. Even if you are interrupted by work make sure to resume your relaxing activity from where you have left it. 

Midnight cookie munching 

Even if you decide to revamp all unhealthy habits it is not that easy to give up an old schedule just like that. Hold on to thighs that give you happiness for example late-night munching. Munch on your favourite cookies whole you catch glimpses of your favourite serial. Just like online cake delivery in noida, dial online cake shops to get express midnight delivery.  


Start journaling. It is a fulfilling activity that excites one to document highlights from everyday life. 

Solo date 

Go on a solo dad in your favourite restaurant. Feast on good food and wine with live music.  


There is no alternative to good books. Discover bestselling novels across different genres. 

Binge-watching Netflix list 

You must have a pretty long Netflix list full of movies you anticipate watching on weekends. But the lucky day never arrives. Sit down with a tub of chips and popcorn in your comfy loungewear and watch your comfort Netflix list without worrying about deadlines for once. 

A gift to self 

Self gifts are important to recall one's worth. Why wait for others to appreciate your prince when you can buy amazing stuff ready to be purchased in your shopping cart or wish list. A silk dress, a novel I, scrunchies or new curtains, gift yourself something that you have been planning to buy for a long time. 

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